Metactix™ Software for Non-Profit Organizations

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Perfect for non-profits, our arena management software helps you integrate with your existing programs, reduce costs, lift revenues, and focus on giving your community a great experience!



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Minimize costs and provide a great experience


Leverage your center to grow your program

Grow with Metactix™ Software

  • Protect computers
  • Secure gamer accounts
  • Track gamer activity
  • Customize branding
  • Automate game updating
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Eliminate reliance on servers
  • Minimize licensing costs
  • Optimize PC performance
  • Run software safely
  • Support anti-cheat measures
  • Schedule tournaments
  • Boost satisfaction & referrals
  • Grow revenue per gamer
  • Generate events revenue
  • Grow sponsor relationships



Grow your community by tapping into a globally accessible and fast growing form of sport, hobby, and recreational activity.

Drive member engagement by entwining and gamifying your program initiatives with video gameplay and culture. 

Help gamers level up their health, fitness and life skills.

Create a conduit through video gaming to learning computerized productivity and business applications.

Leverage video gaming PCs for continual education, delivering webinars, courses, and other skill-building content.

Leverage member's passion for gaming through tournaments to promote healthy competition, camaraderie, integrity, persistence, and other important soft skills.

Help gamers understand their options and how to pursue esports related careers and post esports career opportunities.

Build community diversity, acceptance, and positivity (through a spirit of inclusivity, anti-bullying, fairness, sportsmanship).

Building stronger connections and engagement between your programs and other public communities like schools.

Educate parents on the benefits and boundaries of healthy gaming habits.

Minimize operating costs by:

  • Drastically reducing capital outlay costs for equipment like servers.
  • Virtually eliminating PC issues.
  • Taking advantage of automatic game updating.
  • Reducing PC maintenance requirements.
  • Sharing software and game license costs between multiple facilities.

Boost member participation, loyalty, reviews, and referrals, by...

  • Creating a professionally branded experience.
  • Running Optimized PCs.
  • Offering loyalty points and referral rewards.
  • Customizing products, branding and features for your customers.
  • Using ad units to boost tournament registrations and showcase upcoming webinars and events.

Coming Soon:

Generate profits you can use to grow other organization initiatives by integrating shopping functionality with facility cafeterias and stores. Members will be able to pay for game time, food, drinks, and merch without leaving their PCs.

Organize and run tournaments inside the Metactix Software platform with our upcoming events module. Sell registrations and tickets for tournaments and other events.


Install and configure quickly and easily with a super intuitive PC map interface.

Automate gamer logout and security features so you can focus on better things (ie. NOT PC issues). 

With our curated game library, simply pick your games from a list of the most popular games, and let us take care of updating them in real-time, as updates are released.

With mundane tasks taken care of, you can focus on program initiatives, tournaments, and events.

Sanction programs for members to use during their gaming and program initiative sessions.

Manage customers, games, and PCs from anywhere, on any computer.

Enjoy unparalleled uptime and speeds that leave AWS and Azure backed services in the dust.


Love gaming? Leverage your passion to build skills, make friends or get fit!

Anyone can have fun gaming, find acceptance, and gaming is a great conduit for other activities.

Your local rec-center may be tying gamifying your fitness, and integrate it with game time for a truly motivating and rewarding experience!

Gaming is a social hobby. Make some "RL" friends that can last a lifetime.

Life gets easier when you develop social skills and follow along with membership initiatives to learn skills and level up your life!

Find out what career options gamers have, what kind of lifestyle they afford, and how to get started.

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