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Built for game centers and arenas, our software helps you reduce costs, lift revenues, and focus on giving gamers an amazing gaming experience!



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Grow with Metactix™ Software

  • Protect computers
  • Secure gamer accounts
  • Track gamer activity
  • Customize branding
  • Automate game updating
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Eliminate reliance on servers
  • Minimize licensing costs
  • Optimize PC performance
  • Run software safely
  • Support anti-cheat measures
  • Schedule tournaments
  • Boost satisfaction & referrals
  • Grow revenue per gamer
  • Generate events revenue
  • Grow sponsor relationships



  • Eliminate reliance on servers.
  • Drastically reduce gamer PC issues.
  • Automate game updating.
  • Reduce PC maintenance.
  • Share Metactix licenses and game licenses between centers.

Keep gamers playing longer, coming back, leaving 5 star reviews, and bringing their friends, by:

  • Creating a professionally branded experience.
  • Offering loyalty points.
  • Customizing products, branding and features for your customers.
  • Using ad units to boost tournament registrations and showcase party rooms.

Coming Soon:

Let gamers sign up for events and get notifications right from their station.

Keep gamers gaming with convenient in-seat payment, ordering, and fulfillment.

Set roles and permissions based upon organization and center needs.

Coming Soon:

Get advanced intelligence reporting on what games are trending and what licenses you should be buying.

Industry-leading data privacy, best practices and regulatory compliance means you and your customers are protected from malicious hackers and regulatory authorities alike.

Worry-free customer support. Extended packages available for customers who want extra peace of mind, priority response times and step-by-step guidance when needed.


Install and configure quickly and easily with a super intuitive PC map interface.

Watch customer PC issues disappear when your PCs are protected with the latest industry leading standards.

Protect customer accounts and personally identifiable information.

Compatible with current anti-cheat technologies so you don't have to compromise security to run scrimmages and tournaments.

With our curated game library, simply pick your games from a list of the most popular games, and let us take care of updating them in real-time, as updates are released.

Manage customers, games, and PCs from anywhere, on any computer.

Enjoy unparalleled uptime and speeds that leave AWS and Azure backed services in the dust.

With PC issues drastically reduced, game updating automated, everything just working, and blazing fast PCs, you can focus on what matters most - giving customers the best experience!


Winning isn't everything, but the ultra-thin client, coupled with Windows client and network optimizations for gaming, mean lower pings, higher frame rates, and more wins!

With a super intuitive user interface and automatic game updating, gamers can get right into the action.

Gamer accounts and privacy are protected by best practices including automatic logout and login scrubbing.

Playtime points, product customization, referral rewards programs, and postpay options mean you can customize your center to build repeat customers who spend more, bring their friends, and give rave reviews.

Gamers can launch their favorite games, and try out new games on protected organization accounts designed for use across your organization.

Sanction applications to give gamer's their favorite programs like Discord, Spotify, and Razer Synapse. Keep gamers connected they way they want.

Coming Soon:

Gamers can order, pay, and arrange delivery for game time, food, drinks, and merch without ever leaving their stations.

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