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Designed with schools in mind, our software helps you secure, automate and customize your esports center for growth, while actively supporting your goals to attract, retain, and grow your program!



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Minimize costs and win more tournaments


Leverage your esports center to grow your program

Grow with Metactix™ Software

  • Protect school computers
  • Secure student accounts
  • Track time played & protect GPAs
  • Leverage student logins with SSO
  • Customize branding for school spirit
  • Automate game updating
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Eliminate reliance on servers
  • Minimize licensing costs
  • Use data to drive down costs
  • Boost PC performance
  • Run any software safely
  • Oust anti-cheat issues
  • Schedule intramural scrims
  • Track & train with gamer data
  • Integrate cafeterias & stores
  • Lift student satisfaction
  • Grow revenue per student
  • Generate events revenue
  • Grow sponsor relationships



Protect your PCs to the latest industry leading standards.

Protect student accounts and their personally identifiable information.

Leverage existing student logins with unified login (SSO). 

Win more with cleaner, faster PCs, lower pings, and higher KD ratios!

Leverage athlete activity data to help manage game time and boost performance.

Coming Soon:

Organize and run team practices, inter-school scrimmages and tournaments through our upcoming tournament system.

Make your arena look super professional with matching branded screens.

Protect athlete standings by tracking and comparing time played to student GPAs.

  • Eliminate reliance on servers.
  • Automate network and game updating.
  • Reduce PC maintenance.
  • Extend PC longevity.

Attract new students and lift student satisfaction with customized branding.

Grow your esports club interest with open play for gaming enthusiasts.

Sell play-time to students or public.

Grow sponsor revenues with built-in Ads.

Coming Soon:

Sell tournament registration and event tickets.

Set up In-seat Ordering and Fulfillment with the cafeteria and book store.


Install and configure quickly and easily with a super intuitive PC map interface.

Metactix is compatible with any and all network designs, from multi-server, to "serverless" configurations.

Compatible with ALL anti-cheat technologies so you don't have to compromise security to run scrimmages and tournaments.

Leverage student logins with single-sign-on (SSO).

Protect your PCs to the latest industry leading standards.

Protect student accounts and personally identifiable information.

You've got enough on your plate, and making sure PCs and games are running smoothly is a lot of work.

Just pick your games from a complete list of the most popular games, and let us take care of updating your games and launchers in real-time, as updates are released.

Manage games, gamers and PCs from anywhere, on any device.

Enjoy unparalleled uptime and speeds that leave AWS and Azure backed services in the dust.

With server reliance eliminated, game updating automated, single-sign-on activated, PC life-spans extended, and PC issues being a thing of the past, you can focus on higher-level priorities!


When winning is everything, the ultra-thin client, coupled with MS Windows client and network optimizations for gaming, mean lower pings, higher frame rates, and more trophies!

With a super intuitive user interface and automatic game updating, athletes get right into the action, whether training, scrimming, or competing.

Athletes can run their favorite programs and drivers to be optimally effective, from Discord to Spotify to Razer Synapse, and stay anti-cheat compatible.

Athletes and clubbers feel secure with their accounts and privacy are protected by industry best practices, including automatic logout and login scrubbing.

Clubbers can launch their favorite games from any platform, and try out new games on protected club accounts.

With customized school colors in the user interface, Athletes and Clubbers feel important and invested in, like members of a professional team.

Coming Soon:

Gamers can order, pay, and arrange delivery for game time, food, drinks, and merch without ever leaving their stations.

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